Importance of Sleep hypnosis

In need of a restful night’s sleep? Start Hypnosis Sessions for sleep.

Hypnosis gets to the root cause of sleep issues, resulting in a better nights sleep. The amount of sessions needed varies with each person, the average being 3-8 hypnosis sessions. Call or Text today for a free hypnosis consultation!

Quality sleep – the kind that makes you look refreshed and feeling energized – is exactly what the doctor ordered. In fact, sleep is as important to your health as diet, nutrition and exercise.


The right amount and quality of sleep improves attention, behavior, memory, and overall mental and physical health; it also helps the body maintain and regulate many vital functions.


A 2015 report from the National Sleep Foundation identified that most adults need between seven to nine hours of sleep each night to function at their best during the day, and to keep their body and mind in optimal shape.

Lack of sleep has been linked to a range of negative health and, social and performance outcomes which can impact an individual’s personal and professional life. Not surprising, a 2017 report found the majority of Canadians generally don’t get enough sleep on a daily basis, thereby affecting their health. Approximately 20 per cent of the country sleeps between six and seven hours every night and six per cent sleep less than six hours per night.

Signs that you’re not getting enough sleep

Here are 10 signs that your mind and body require more sleep:

  • You’re experiencing unexpected variances in mood. When sleep deprived, you’re more susceptible to crankiness, irritability, and have greater difficulty coping with stress.
  • You’re noticing weight gain. Sleeping fewer than six hours a night can increase the hunger-stimulating hormone, ghrelin, which makes your body crave sugary and fatty foods.
  • You’re more impulsive. When sleep deprived, you’re generally less inhibited, causing you to act or speak without thinking or evaluating first.
  • Your reaction times are slower. When fatigued, it takes you longer to process situations, as your concentration is lowered, resulting in longer response times.
  • Your noticing lower levels of performance and productivity. Fatigue can negatively affect your ability to focus, reason, and even find the correct words to describe simple things.
  • You have little or no interest in intimacy. When tired and exhausted, many people are not in the mood nor have the energy for meaningful connection or displays of affection including sexual contact at the end of the day.
  • You’re unable to remember things. When you’re tired, you’re not exerting the amount of attention required when trying to form a memory.
  • You’re having difficulty making decisions. With chronic sleep deprivation, your brain’s ability to process information, emotions and the ability to read social situations can decrease.
  • You get sick more often. By not getting enough sleep, your immune system is impacted, which can lower your body’s ability to fight off viruses.
  • You’re not looking your best. If you don’t get enough sleep, your skin doesn’t have the time to repair itself. Your skin can look older, dark under-eye circles may appear, as well as red, puffy eyes.
Steps to take to maintain healthy sleep habits

Your life may feel busy all the time, and perhaps your current sleep habits, arrangements and quality are less than ideal, but there’s hope! There are many ways to improve your rest, and consciously incorporating even a few of them will likely lead to a more restful and enjoyable sleeping experience.

Create a relaxing evening ritual. Do things that relax you to create a pre-sleep routine that removes some of your daily stress. Over time, a routine may act as a signal within your brain that it’s time to sleep. Use common favorites like a warm bath or massage or try other calming activities like meditating, breathing exercises or listening to soothing music as you wind down.

Stick with a routine that includes a predictable sleep schedule. Keep your meals, bedtime and morning alarm consistent, even on weekends. Maintaining sleep patterns conditions your body to expect and react accordingly to appropriate times of rest and wakefulness.

Use your bed for sleep… and sleep alone. Keep electronics, food and any other stimulating activities out of your bed. This will cue your brain to sleep – and not prepare itself for eating, reading, TV, video games, studying or chatting on the phone when you lie down.

Remove electronics from your bedroom. Screens and electronics are an integral part of our daily lives. The activities associated with them, the light they emit, and the stimulus they provide, make televisions, computers, tablets, phones and other digital items a major hindrance to sleep. Try to unplug at least an hour before bed and keep electronics out of the bedroom.

Keep your bedroom quiet, cool, and dark. Remove light and sound distraction and keep your space at a constant temperature to mimic your ideal sleeping conditions.

Steer clear of caffeine and other stimulants. In the hours before bed, but also throughout the day, be mindful of your caffeine intake. Remember that coffee and tea aren’t the only caffeine-laden beverages: many soft drinks, chocolate, common medications and herbal remedies also contain caffeine.

Exercise. A well-known stress-reliever is regular exercise (30-60 minutes, three times weekly). People who exercise regularly have better quality, deeper sleep, and are, overall, healthier. Of course, exercise is a natural energy-booster as well, so be sure to get in that workout at least three hours before bedtime.

Limit your napping. If you absolutely must nap, keep it short – 15 to 20 minutes in the early afternoon.

Avoid going to bed on a full – or empty – stomach. Balanced, healthy meals during the day will help keep your body and blood sugars balanced for optimal sleep. If you’re hungry, have a light, nutritious snack (low-fat dairy or turkey) that won’t sit heavily in your stomach or boost your energy.

Sleeping is such an important part of a mindful, healthy, balanced life and most of us could use more of it, and its benefits. So, make a point of implementing some new sleep strategies, jump into those PJs and sweet dreams!

Serious health risks associated with lack of sleep

Not surprisingly, over time, a lack of adequate sleep can be associated with a shortened lifespan. Multiple studies have shown that sleeping less than five hours per night may increase mortality risk by up to 15 percent.

As our lives are crowded with familial, professional and other activities, many of us overlook the potential consequences, squeezing more and more into our days and nights, leaving quality rest as an afterthought. Even reducing that optimal eight hours by two or three per night can dramatically increase the odds of developing some of the following physical and mental health conditions:

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Compromised immune function
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Obesity
  • Susceptibility to injury

In order to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle, you need to ensure sleep is a priority. Lack of sleep can cause you to get sick mentally and physically, so be aware of the symptoms of lack of sleep, and actively work each night to ensure you keep your sleep schedule.


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Is Hypnosis real or in our imagination?

Many people believe hypnosis is NOT real.

This is because many people were told wrongfully what hypnosis is, have preconceived ideas from movies or due to a negative hypnosis experience.

If you believe hypnosis isn’t real, and you think it is bad, (a negative) you have already been hypnotized. Any belief that causes you to think positive or negative is in it of itself hypnosis.

This is because hypnosis is a process, not a state. Hypnosis is the process of inducing states for a purpose. So if your thoughts form a belief and that belief changes your state or intent, then the process of hypnosis has already happened.

Meaning anytime something is said and you change states, you have been hypnotized. Either outside or inside your mind, as well as your physical state.

This is why it is said that meditation, prayer, guided imagery, tia chi and yoga are all hypnosis. They cause a mental and often physical state change, so their purpose of changing states is what is postulated as what is hypnosis.

Hypnosis has been modelled and used throughout history as the factoid for proof to other modalities that binds together communication of society. This is why psychology and associations attempt to claim ownership. They do this by misinforming people what hypnosis is. Their definition defines their purpose to change context, ideologically giving a perception of why they must control hypnosis regulations.

Truly, hypnosis belongs to everyone, no one group owns it. Learn to use it to make negative thoughts, feelings and action positive. Contrastively changing the negative in life to a positive, changing your perceptions is your birthright.

If you induce a state that changes the present state, this is hypnosis.

Conscious hypnosis is the process of using what we now know from neuroscience. That wasn’t known years ago to control the process of state change for a positive intention.

Learn to do this for yourself and no one will ever push your buttons again. Learn to do it at will for yourself and help and inspire others.

Now, Go Hypnotize Someone!

D J Jackson

9 Steps of self-hypnosis from Allison’s Hypnotherapy Center

These Nine steps to self-hypnosis are the same steps I teach paid clientele. Self-hypnosis aids in eliminating bad habits, overcoming self-defeating behaviors, accelerating the law of attraction and more. Everyone can do self-hypnosis as long as they follow instruction and practice the techniques properly. Self-hypnosis produces natural relaxation, reprograms the subconscious mind, and assists in creating faster changes.

Follow these steps I have specifically found to help anyone who is new to self-hypnosis.

Self-Hypnosis Step one:  Set the intention.  Think about the things in your life that your aren’t fully satisfied with. Pick a few things that you want to see change. What you chose may vary.

Self-Hypnosis Step Two : Choose a quiet place, which is free from all distraction, interruption or disturbance. This may even be inside a bus or in your own room. The idea is to be able to concentrate in any environment that you find is suitable. The ideal is to be able to concentrate in any environment that you find is suitable. The ideal time, however, I have found to be is, early in the morning or before going to bed. The ideal place however, may be anywhere as long as you can concentrate and feel relaxed.

Self-Hypnosis Step Three: Make sure you are comfortable before you begin. Wear loose clothes or adjust clothing to make it more comfortable. Keep your spine straight, loosen your hands and relax your shoulders. Relax! This eases your body tension and helps your blood circulate efficiently.

Self-Hypnosis Step Four: Close your eyes. That way your physical world does not interrupt you and you can concentrate on your mental world.  Make sure they are closed gently and not clenched. In fact, once you focus on your images, you may find your eyes closing naturally.  Keep them closed for the duration of the self-hypnosis. If you fall asleep doing this, you will still obtain desired results.

Self-Hypnosis Step Five: Take deep breaths and focus all your attention to your breathing. Let your body roll with the rhythm of your breathing. Listen to that rhythm. Be one with your breath.

Self-Hypnosis Step Six: Now begin the process of visualization. Imagine a scene that relaxes you. Somewhere you have been that induced a deep sense of  serenity.  The most common places imagined are beaches and up in the mountains.  Create the key images of the subject you have chosen in your mind. Use your senses. Form the scene. See the seagulls flying in the distance as you also take note of the beautiful clouds. Hear the ocean waves lapping up against the shore.  Inhale the salty earthy ocean scent in the air.  Feel the cool damp sand beneath your skin.  Allow the scene to become more alive with each breath you take.  The sensations tied to this scene amplify and intensify with each breath. Allow yourself to relax in this scene for about 3 minutes.  This step induces self-hypnosis, quiets mind chatter, and relaxes you.

Self-Hypnosis Step Seven: Now that you are in trance, your subconscious mind is open and programmable.  When programming the subconscious mind, it is imperative that you only focus on what you DO want and positive thoughts. NOT what you DON’T want! If healthy eating is the goal, instead of thinking about not eating too much cake, imagine yourself eating healthy foods.

Self-Hypnosis Step Eight: Change the scene in your mind to your ideal future. Imagine you’ve already made the changes and applied the steps to obtain whatever it is you desire, and you are enjoying it now.  You can imagine yourself with as many changes as you wish. Imagine yourself standing on the scale seeing the numbers you WANT to see.  FEEL your hands wrapped around the steering wheel of your brand new car as you admire the shiny logo.  Hear the voice on the other end of the phone informing you that you got the JOB!  Feel yourself surging with confidence as you speak on stage.  Take your time and enjoy this space of having everything you WANT in life NOW.  Feel how it feels to have achieved your goals. Let the excitement and happiness of success flow through you. Let the thrill of success build in you. Feel your success. Take your time, and have fun!

Self-Hypnosis Step Nine: Do positive affirmations that correlate to your ideal future out loud, in your mind or write them down.  Make sure the affirmations are positive and present tense.  Add emotions to your affirmations such as “I always exude confidence and feel secure in social settings.”  Say to yourself that what you desire – like, “I deserve to be healthy”, “I deserve to be rich and famous.” By doing this, you not only let your subconscious mind support the picture, you literally achieve your success.  Open your eyes when you are finished.

These then are the Eight important steps to self-hypnosis. Remember, it is better to visualize 1-2 times a day for a shorter duration than to visualize for a long stretch during the day. Doing this, the quality of visuals remain fresh instead of becoming stale and plaid and draining all energy out of you.

This process only takes about 10 minutes, give or take. It is better if you do not prolong it if you are unable to focus. Instead, repeat it at another time of the day. If you fall asleep in self-hypnosis, you are still doing the self-hypnosis while asleep. Sleep is the deepest state of hypnosis.

Repetition is key to lodging new programming into the subconscious mind. The more you repeat this process, the deeper it is lodged into the subconscious mind and becomes more familiar to you. The mind creates what is familiar.




Hypnosis For Sugar Cravings

How Sugar Can Ruin Your Health

There has only been an increased awareness on sugar addiction and its health effects when Dr. Robert Lustig, an endocrinologist from California, gave a 90-minute lecture called “Sugar: The Bitter Truth.”

Leptin Resistance

One of the things Dr. Lustig mentioned is the effect of sugar on the liver. According to him, sugar specifically fructose (commonly found in processed food and drinks) create a complex chain of events that lead to leptin resistance. Leptin is a hormone that keeps us from overeating; it tells our brain when we’re full. Getting too much fructose turns this hormone off so we end up eating more even if we’re already full.

Cognitive Impairment

In 2012, an experiment was done to find out the effects of high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) on rats’ brains. The researchers discovered that those that were fed with high level of HFCS suffered from cognitive impairment and hence, find it difficult to remember their way out of the maze.[2]

Aside from cognitive impairment, rats that were given HFCS also showed signs of insulin resistance. Insulin is the hormone released by the liver to control the blood sugar level.

Liver Damage

Fructose is one of the most abundant forms of sugar in our diet. The only cells in the body that can handle fructose are the liver cells. But when there’s too much fructose in the body, it can lead to potentially serious consequences on the liver. Fat droplets start to accumulate in the liver which could eventually lead to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

Heart Disease

When you take excessive amounts of sugar, you are depriving yourself of the essential nutrients and predisposes yourself to diseases like heart disease.[3] This happens because sugar-laden food increases one’s energy intake and contributes to higher body weight, a major risk factor to cardiovascular disease.

Quitting Sugar Consciously without Hypnotherapy 

Quitting sugar is not easy but it’s doable. Here are some ways on how you can end your sugar addiction:

1. Plan it out
Although it takes about 2 months to develop a habit, having a plan on how you can quit sugar increases your chance of succeeding in it. You can start by getting rid of food and drinks from your pantry that are loaded with sugar, creating a meal plan, and writing down food and drinks that you should stop buying.

2. Always read the food label
Just because the food looks healthy and safe doesn’t mean that it actually is. There are a lot of food labeled as “healthy” but are actually not. Watch out for those labeled as “low fat” or “fat free” as there’s more likely added sugar to them to make them taste better.

3. Keep a journal
It takes more than just willpower to successfully quit sugar. This is where keeping a journal helps. It helps remind you of your biggest “why” of doing it. Writing down your progress helps as it reminds you how close you are to your goal.

4. Have an accountability buddy
It’s easier to quit sugar if you have an accountability buddy. This can be anyone within your family or circle of friends who also would want to quit sugar.

Hypnosis to Quit Craving Sugar

Guided hypnosis can help you in breaking your sugar addiction. In Allison’s Hypnotherapy Center, we help clients deal with unhealthy cravings by putting them in a completely relaxed state where they are more receptive to suggestions. My favorite method is healing the subconscious void that sugar fills and then re-associating sugar with something less appealing. When we heal the deep seeded issues, the cravings naturally alleviate.  Results are typically seen withing the first session or two, although some clients require more hypnosis to overcome sugar.

Although a one-on-one session is good, I know that not everyone can come to my Hypnotherapy office for a private session. Hence, I also offer Hypnotherapy sessions via Skype, Phone and Facebook Messenger Video Chat.

Sugar addiction isn’t sweet. It can ruin your health in multiple ways. Quitting sugar may not be easy but with persistence and professional help, you can make it happen.


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The real reason you are still Smoking Cigarettes and how Hypnosis helps

Traditional Smoking Cessation Methods DON’T work!


Many smokers dread the thought of quitting smoking and I don’t blame them!  No one looks forward to cravings, physical with drawl symptoms, not being able to quit or quitting and then starting up again in the future.  This is enough to overwhelm anyone and prevent them from quitting.   The truth is these methods have less than a 20% success rate followed by side effects and those who do quit start smoking again usually within only 6 months of quitting.


Why Can’t I Quit Smoking?!


In order to quit smoking, we need to know the core deep dark reasons to why we smoke and those reasons are lodged deep in our subconscious mind (the part of our mind that stores associations, habits, patterns, memories and addictive behaviors).  Hypnotherapy is a tool used to explore the subconscious mind, and heal the underlying issues tied to bad habits and self-defeating behaviors.  Consciously almost every smoker wants to quit smoking so they can feel healthy again, save money, smell better, and improve their love life.  However, their subconscious mind may associate cigarettes with peer approval, giving themselves a break, relieving stress, a role model, or a false sense of control.  When the conscious mind and the subconscious mind are misaligned like this, the subconscious mind wins EVERY SINGLE TIME!  Going cold turkey, and using products you buy from Walgreens to quit smoking doesn’t address and heal the subconscious issues which is why the success rates are so low.  When you quit smoking though Hypnotherapy, there are no known side effects and most people don’t even have cravings.


According to the results of a comprehensive study by American Health Magazine:

Psycho analysis therapy only has a 38% success rate after 600 sessions,

Behavioral Therapy has a 72% success rate after 22 sessions,

Hypnotherapy however, has a 93% success rate after only 6 sessions!




My Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy Package Includes:

  • As many sessions as you need in order to quit smoking (In person, over the phone or via Skype)
  • If you start smoking again in the future again for any reason, come back in for free
  • Free custom hypnosis cd to accelerate results
  • Learn self-hypnosis to reinforce sessions
  • $50.00 off package when you bring someone else with you to quit smoking
  • $25.00 cash or credit for every smoking referral that completes my program
  • Free Reiki healing session
  • Free magnetic therapy or sound therapy session


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How Allison’s Hypnotherapy Center in Utah can help with relationship issues


The term relationship hypnotherapy is such a vague term with many applications.  Many don’t realize the multiple ways hypnotherapy influences relationships and how they can benefit from the experience.  Over the years I have assisted Hypnotherapy clients, friends, family and myself with the following relationship Hypnotherapy sessions:


  • Getting over an ex
  • Overcoming jealousy
  • Discovering and healing core issues tied to attracting toxic relationships so one can attract a healthy partner
  • Assistance in leaving toxic relationships
  • Forgiving and healing from infidelity
  • Repairing damaged relationships
  • Working with both parties in the relationship to deal with past or present issues
  • Repairing self after a relationship ends
  • Keeping and maintain a healthy relationship
  • Heal abandonment issues
  • Repair and heal conflict in blended families
  • Gain closure to death of loved one
  • Assist families in building and repairing long lasting relationships
  • Helping children feel whole and secure after a divorce
  • And more


Hypnotherapy works by accessing the subconscious mind where we hoard negative programing such as beliefs, associations, behaviors, habits, familiarity, patterns and memories.  Once in the subconscious we are able to pin point what negative programming is causing the unwanted problem.  After gaining this clarity we are then able to program the positive opposite in our subconscious resulting in desired results.  For example; in sessions many women who attract abusive men will regress to memories of a male figure mistreating them (Sometimes it’s something minor like a classmate not sharing or more severe like being abused in some form).  Being mistreated as a young girl resulted in subconsciously seeing abuse as familiar and so she now attracts abusive men as an adult.  As a young girl, all the negative thoughts she thought during the event lodged in her subconscious mind as beliefs and the beliefs programed her to find men who are aligned with these beliefs attractive.  If the same woman in the previous example experienced her brother ignoring her and breaking her toys, it can affect all her future relationships.  During these emotional events the young girl develops the beliefs that this is how she deserves to be treated, men ignore her, when she has something nice it is taken from her, men are mean, men don’t care about her feelings and so on.  She will live her life not only attracting men that make her feel the way her brother did but she will also have difficulty with ownership of their physical possessions.   In Hypnotherapy she is able to put the positive opposite in her subconscious mind which is easy to do because I keep track of all the self-defeating beliefs.  When her subconscious mind is flooded with self-loving beliefs such as “I deserve love and respect”, “I attract men who value me and give me the attention I deserve”, “Love and security is familiar”, she is automatically attracting men who are aligned with the new programming.  Often times after receiving this healing, the woman finds herself no longer comfortable around toxic men.

Every Hypnotherapy session needs to be customized because everyone responds differently to hypnotherapy.  This is especially true for relationship hypnotherapy which is why I cannot predict the amount of sessions required for optimal results.  A young child who is shy on the playground who has experienced a somewhat normal upbringing will need fewer sessions than a middle aged man who can’t keep a relationship due to him seeing his mom with a different man every week and his dad leaving him at 2 years old.

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The Basic Functions of a Hypnotherapist in Salt Lake City


How does the Brain Function?


Everyone knows that nothing is possible without the brain. The brain is responsible for all the activities in the body. Everything first happens in the brain and then anywhere else. Therefore, it is important to take good care of your brain. For, if the brain stops functioning then, you have had it for life. Therefore, it is important that you treat your brain right. For, your entire body is largely dependent on the brain.


Therefore, eating healthy brain sharpening food on a regular basis and not indulging in drugs & alcohol results in healthier brain activity . This will ensure that your brain remains healthy for a long time to come.

What does a Utah Hypnotherapist got to do with your Brain?


A large number of thoughts enter into the brain on a regular basis. It is these thoughts that are directed into action by the brain. Also, it is important that your brain is functioning properly. The blood flow and everything ought to be right in there.


Sometimes, in spite of taking good care of the brain, it becomes necessary to see a hypnotherapist. For this, you will have to visit a hypnotherapy center in Utah. A Utah hypnotherapist has to deal with a large number of patients on a regular basis.


Treating Patients as a Utah Hypnotherapist


Seeing a large number of people on a regular basis can be quite taxing. Plus, with patients who have come to seek hypnotherapy, it is necessary to handle them with care. One has to be extremely patient with them. It looks cool on the outside to be a salt lake Utah hypnotherapist but the inner intricacies of the job aren’t too easy to deal with.


What Treatments does the Utah Hypnotherapist Provide?


A Utah hypnotherapist administers a large number of treatments to his patients. Usually, treatments that are provided by a salt lake  Utah hypnotherapist are really good. They actually work on the patient. In case of  Utah hypnotherapy, there are a large number of treatments and medicines that can be given to the patient. It is necessary to see which problem will cure who. For, all medicines don’t suit every patient.


Also, the results of all the treatments are different from one another. In many cases, the patient starts behaving in a rather unusual manner. Hence, medicines have to be given cautiously. This doesn’t really happen in case of a salt lake Utah hypnotherapist because they are experts at their job. They know exactly what they are doing.




In case of Utah hypnotherapy, results are always a tricky issue. One may or may not get the best possible results. Sometimes, the medicines have to be changed amidst the course in order to achieve the right kind of results. Sometimes, the medicines affect your health adversely.


A lot of things have to be looked into before starting with medicinal treatment. Hence, before going to a Utah hypnotist, you ought to carry out enough research. Read up in detail about all the facts. You need to know exactly what you are getting into.


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Utah Hypnotherapy: Losing Weight to Become Fit with hypnosis

 There are hundreds of ways by which a person can go about losing weight. Losing weight has its benefits. Your heart gets better and you will live longer and healthier. Unfortunately though, despite all the many techniques in the world that exist, losing weight is still a challenge. There are many challenges to losing weight. Sometimes people are just lazy. Sometimes folks just cannot stop eating or they just cannot bring themselves to hit the gym or have the discipline to maintain the fitness routine.

It is this right mind set and discipline that Utah Hypnotherapy works on.

Re-enforcing The Belief

A huge problem with losing weight is that, eventually it comes down to a simple thing. You have to cut down on what you eat and you should begin to take part in activities that you have not done previously. In all this, how does Utah Hypnotherapy come to the picture? Utah Hypnotherapy is about making suggestions, the right suggestions to the person who is trying to lose weight. Let us take a simple scenario. Let us suppose that a person has started hitting the gym and also cutting down on food in order to achieve his goal of losing weight. Most people are pretty excited about the many programs like working out, cutting down on oily foods and all that.

Then, they start experiencing withdrawal like symptoms. They start missing the tasty snacks, back to back drinking of cola. They start skipping scheduled work outs at the gym. These withdrawals can be handled with Utah hypnotherapy. Utah Hypnotherapy is about making suggestions to the person under the treatment. There are direct suggestions and there are indirect suggestions. For some patients, direct suggestions work, while for others, indirect suggestions work. The Utah therapist, assuming that he is good, will be able to strike the right balance between giving direct and indirect suggestions.

The Right Suggestions

Using Utah hypnotherapy for weight-loss is the answer. With the right set of suggestions, a Utah hypnotherapist can ensure that the patient remains in line with his goals of losing weight. We keep hearing how our bodies and our minds are connected, one influencing the other. Utah Hypnotherapy works on this connection as it understands that the mind indeed has power over the body. If a person is no longer feeling like avoiding fat heavy food or going to the gym, he could be suggested into doing it. That way, he or she will be on course with his diet and achieving weight loss Utah.

One thing which we have to mention is that, obviously, Utah hypnotherapy alone will not help you lose weight or achieve your diet goals. What it does is, complement your original weight loss plans. Its job is almost like that of a disciplinarian. Something that will keep an eye on you, putting you in the right frame of mind, helping you push along towards your stated goals.

Losing weight and staying in shape must be a top priority for all us. This keeps us healthy as well. The biggest problem to losing weight is that we will eventually lose sight of our objectives. Utah Hypnotherapy can really help anybody who wants to lose weight but is having difficulty doing so.

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Utah Skype Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy via Skype in Utah

When people find out I do hypnosis via webcam in Utah, it usually results in raised eyebrows and provokes a few questions. My objective of this blog is to answer some of these questions and to make people more comfortable with the idea of Skype hypnotherapy. People are usually surprised to find out how easy and accessible Skype sessions are. Then they usually complain about how other service providers such as attorneys, therapists and doctors should meet with them over Skype.


The most common question is ” Does hypnosis work over Skype?” I can understand why people would be curious about this, after all most people have misconceptions about Hypnotherapy based on tv and stage hypnosis and assume it only works in person. Yes, hypnotherapy does work over Skype. All that is needed for a hypnosis session is for the subject to hear the hypnotherapists voice. Hypnosis works over the phone too. I prefer to Skype because I like to build face to face relationships and observe body language during the session.


Another question that pops up from time to time is “Do people prefer Skype sessions or in person sessions?” This question is a little more tricky to answer because there are more factors involved. I will answer this based off of clients who have experienced both. I have a Utah Hypnotherapy office where I meet with clients one on one. Many of them are within a reasonable driving distance to me and only experience in person sessions.  Clients that live an hour or more away from my office often choose to meet with me once in person than do the rest of the sessions over Skype. After experiencing both methods they usually prefer to do Skype hypnotherapy over coming to my UT hypnotherapy office.


My favorite question to answer is “What are the advantages of a hypnosis Skype sessions?” Other than obtaining desired results from the sessions, there are many advantages to Skype hypnotherapy. Cost and convenience are the two biggest benefits.  Clients from all over the world are referred to me from friends and family, Skype makes it possible for them to work with me and avoid accumulating unwanted mileage on their car or buying a plane ticket. Skype hypnosis prevents worrying about transportation because not everyone has access to a vehicle.  You not only save time by not travelling but you save time in getting ready, you can just wear pajamas at home. If your children are able to remain quiet in your home or yard, you may save money in childcare expenses too.  Clients who cannot physically leave their home usually due to health issues or injuries are able to enjoy hypnosis in the comfort of their homes.  Skype can also be downloaded onto most electric devices such as smart phones, computers, laptops, tablets and even some tvs. Skype me from home instead of making the trip to salt lake city Utah for hypnotherapy.


People frequently ask me about Skype.  They are usually unsure of how it works and the costs involved. Skype is a free program easily downloads onto most computers and devices.  It enables users to video call other Skype users for free.  You can copy this link into your browser >  , to access  Once you are on the official Skype website, follow the step by step instructions to set up an account.  Once your Skype account is up and running, you will be able to add people to your account or have them add you to their account by exchanging usernames.  After you add someone to your account, you are able to video call them. Basically you see them on your screen and they see you on their screen. It is a great way to keep in touch with family and friends.


I am also asked if I prefer Skype over in person sessions in my Utah hypnotherapy office.  My answer is always yes.  I am able to reach more clients and meet people from all walks of life over the internet.  Working with different time zones actually frees up my schedule. In person many want to book in the evenings after work which fills up my evenings fast resulting in clients waiting longer between sessions. In some time zones their “after work” Is 8:00 am in my time zone which is more convenient for my schedule.  Its also less clean up for me. In person I tidy up between each client and at times it is difficult to make the office client friendly after someone comes in.  For example, when some clients leave, their sent can linger and sometimes that scent (cologne, sweat, cigarettes, food, perfume or other) will linger.  Clients are more punctual when traffic and finding my office isn’t in the equation.  In person I have clients who accidentally come in on the wrong day, mix ups like this are resolved faster over Skype.


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How is Utah hypnosis & hypnotherapy helpful

How is Utah Hypnotherapy helpful?

How are Things like Utah Hypnosis and Utah Hypnotherapy Helpful?

Hypnosis Utah and Utah hypnotherapy


A lot of people are interested in Utah hypnotherapy these days. One can see a lot of people entering a hypnosis centre, in hope of some hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy can leave any and everyone wonderstruck with what it is.


Also, hypnosis and hypnotherapy aren’t 2 different things and they don’t have to be confused with each other. However, there isn’t a whole lot of difference between the 2 as such. Hence, people often refer to 1 as the other and vice versa. This therapy is used in order to improve the way of working of the people. It makes you much more alert than you already are.


Hypnotherapy in Utah


The practice of  hypnotherapy accesses the subconscious mind to find the root cause of issues and heal them Even if someone is perfectly normal, practices are carried out to relax the person and then, help them concentrate and focus on their surroundings.


This is how their alertness increases. Everyone who practices hypnotherapy is well trained at the profession. They know exactly what they are doing and carry out their job well. Hypnotherapy isn’t new to the residents. It is scary to see a person who is hypnotized. The person is completely in a trance. The person can then focus their thoughts on singular issues and cancel out all the externals. In this way, hypnotherapists are extremely helpful.


Functions of Hypnotherapy


It does a lot of contradictory things. For instance, it relaxes the brain as well as improves the mental level of concentration. Also, when the brain has relaxed, one’s whole body relaxes completely. Also, one of the best things about hypnotherapy is that it helps you dig deeper into yourself.


A side of yourself that has been lying ignored for ever since will come to fore. Hence, you might be able to address a lot of issues that have piled up inside of you through hypnotherapy. It isn’t all that difficult to learn the art of hypnotherapy. You can then hypnotize yourself and perform whatever gimmicks you like on yourself.


How is Hypnotherapy Helpful?


Usually, hypnotherapy is performed by a trained hypnotherapist. It helps out a large number of people with a whole lot of things. It will help you control your pain; overcome your anxiety, depression etc. It will also help in curing a large number of sleeping disorders. The best part is hypnosis can help you beat stress as well.


It will help you curb overeating and also help you overcome your fears. Hence, hypnosis is helpful in a whole lot of ways. It will also discover causes to unknown problems and help you find a solution to it. It will also throw away superstitions from your belief system. Thus, Utah hypnotherapy comes with a large number of benefits.


More Benefits of  Utah Hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy will also help you improve self control. You can overcome stress and  core issues tied to addictions. Many times when this is done, overcoming the addiction can be achieved although I cannot legally claim to treat addictions. Call today to schedule a hypnotherapy appointment in Murray, near Salt Lake City Utah.

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